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Shop our products and create a signature look!

Create your own magic and let uniqueness be the word. In our shops, we have a selection of unique products that will embellish your deco.

Enjoy our tailor-made furniture. We work closely with local artisans and manufacturer for the development of products made with different materials: wood, glass, rattan, composed materials etc. Bring an authentic touch to your deco!

A Professional touch

Macumba provides a wide range of products and services for different sectors

We work closely with our clients to develop products and we offer a wide range of propositions so that they can bring originality and uniqueness to their interior and exterior design.



Public Areas
We have unique pieces in our shops that you can use or we may manufacture according to your requests

Decorate the spa with a wide selection of decorative objects, like candle burners, candle holders, etc.

Room Division
Shop our laundry baskets, decorative objects, furniture etc.

Enhance the restaurant’s deco with our unique place mats, candleholders, etc.


Interior Designers

Connect with us for your projects and come and grab unique pieces for your interior designing.



Macumba Deco has always collaborated with real estate project leaders for the interior decoration of villas, apartments and houses.

Some Projects We’ve Worked On

Have a look at the gallery below

Get inspired!

Inspired by the latest trends, frequently renewed,
with different styles, there is something for everyone in our shops.